Get Inspired By This Bathroom Ideas By Famous Interior Designers

If you are in search of unique and stunning bathroom designs, get inspired by the designs of these top interior designers. From the best bathroom designers central coast, wood is one of their favorite materials, so this bathroom is certainly worth checking out. Whether it is a large bathroom or a small one, these designers know how to make the most of wood. Whether you have a bathroom that is cluttered or needs a more relaxing vibe, there are many ways you can transform it into a stylish oasis.

Make a statement with just one wall

The design of the bathroom is an important area of the house that deserves the same attention as the rest of the house. You can make a statement with just one wall in your bathroom by using bold prints or colorful wallpaper. Wallpaper should be water resistant, too. Wallpaper can be any color or design that you choose. However, before you install wallpaper in your bathroom, check the material’s moisture resistance. You should also make sure to check the material’s longevity.

A large, bold painting on just one wall can draw the eye and make a room look larger than it really is. However, if you are not brave enough to use a large painting or print on your bathroom wall, you can also go for a simple accent wall to add a touch of character. Choose a simple and neutral color to create a serene, tranquil environment in your bathroom.

Get Inspired By This Bathroom Ideas By Famous Interior Designers

Add contrast to the space with a vibrant color

Using contrast is a great way to improve your design projects. Contrast design is not an exact science; it happens naturally as you hone your design skills. This strategy is not just for designers, either. Anyone can use it. Here are some ways to use it in your next design project:

Add a floating vanity

Adding a floating vanity to your bathroom will make the entire room look larger and is much easier to clean. With its streamlined design, a floating vanity allows the floor to extend all the way to the walls. It can also provide more storage space than a traditional wall-hung vanity. Unlike wall-hung vanities, a floating vanity has no sides or nooks where dust bunnies can hide. Cleaning is also much easier, and it’s perfect for the extra organized.

Floating vanities can be made of wooden materials, which softens the icy look of solid surfaces and make the space feel warm. Open shelving under the vanity adds a touch of zen to the space. The floating vanity also offers adequate storage space and can be either an open shelf design, a single stylish surface, or an entirely floating cabinet. In any case, you’ll be able to get the look you’ve always wanted in your bathroom.

Create distinct zones for privacy

To make a small space feel more spacious, create distinct zones for different purposes. Separate the sink from the toilet, for example, or the toilet from the bath. Or, if you want to have a separate space for your toilet and shower, create a vanity niche. For even more privacy and ambiance, use patterned floor tiles. Designers from 2LG Studio accentuate an awkward corner by using smokey mirrored tiles. The silver zellige tiles enhance the mood.

Add floating shelves

Adding floating shelves to a bathroom can be a simple way to add extra storage space without compromising the look of the room. While wood shelves are typical, you can choose from glass shelves instead to create the illusion of floating shelves. Glass shelves can be hung higher off the wall and let your decor take center stage without blocking the view. These shelves can be painted the same color as the wall, which makes the room look larger.

To avoid clutter, group items into groups of three. This way, you can introduce more contrast to the space. Try using items of different heights and textures, as well. For example, a tall glass vase can be combined with a short and wide round candle. Or, use a lantern to add a splash of color to the shelves. While arranging objects on the shelves, keep in mind the scale of each item. Make sure not to over-crowd the shelf with too many small objects.

Install a walk-in shower

You don’t have to have a modern or ultra-modern bathroom to install a walk-in shower. This versatile fixture will enhance your bathroom without adding high-tech features. And unlike some other bathroom remodeling options, it won’t require extensive renovations or a lot of money. The following are a few benefits of this versatile fixture. Here are some tips on how to install a walk-in shower in your bathroom.

A glass-enclosed walk-in shower creates a feeling of space. The shower’s glass walls and ceiling create a seamless transition from one room to the next. A glass enclosure also gives the illusion of endless space, which is especially appealing if your bathroom is small. Choosing the right tile pattern can also make a difference. Choosing an attractive tile pattern is a great way to add height and character to the space.